Rings of love through infinity.

By November 19, 2020 4,711 Comments

Rings of love through infinity.

I have loved in circles,
I have seen a reflection,
Of myself with bits of confusion.

Loving myself, loving him, loving them,
But still not enough,
To give around love handouts.

I have tried loving in colors,
Trust me it fades out a little more,
Each time.

I have tried loving in cycles,
Trust me it gets weary,
Every other time.

I have tried mastering the art of love,
However, each day I start from the beginning,
I realize love has no manual.

I know that love is beautiful,
That love is colorful,
However, clearly I cannot love you,
In your own definition of love.

Give me a blank canvas,
Hand me a new brush,
Do not limit the colors for me,
Let me paint for you my kinda love.

Focus on it,
I know it might be faint,
I know it is in rings close to ruins,
I understand that it is messy.

I see clearly it has no boundaries,
I know it has smudged,
I am aware of the colors I choose,
This is my kinda love.

My first thought is infinity,
Infinity is how best I can describe love,
There is no end to truly loving,
Through the rollercoaster,
With many colors, I will love you.

In loyalty, I will love you,
With a passion, I will adore you,
With a touch of the sunset, I shall balance it all,
In confusion, I will find my way home to you,
In circles, I will love you but not in perfection.

In circles, I will find our first love,
Even when I am lost and all is faint,
In a dash of colors, I will paint my world,
And rekindle our young love,
It is not all beautiful but I will love you to infinity.

By MaryMwas