Six years ago

By November 19, 2020 953 Comments

Six years ago

Six years ago I was twelve
When I woke up blinking like an over fed pig
Peeping through the window to have the view of the glittering dew on green grass
Reading the imprints of the bull dog on the muddy ground

I reminisce the laughters of mother
Serving the rare red meat on some days
Three pieces was a deal against my siblings’ two pieces
And the porridge guard well secured after school

Six years ago I tactfully engaged in child fine fist boxing
With notorious sons in the playground
As we rehearsed circumcision songs waking the dead from their earned aging deaths
As we delved on the glories of the ripe guavas by the roadside

Take me six years back then
When I chauffeured letters to my elder brother
When father helped me do homework
And I had no worries for life

This age is demanding
Adulthood is wrecking
My peace drowning
As I watch men run past me hurrying


By Eugene Nabungolo