Acknowledging the 25 voices who celebrate black fatherhood.

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Today as I write about black fatherhood, I believe a father is an authoritative figure that critics and moulds a child into an adult. Fatherhood is not a title that can be dropped, being someone’s father is a title that you carry for life. To the youthful men who neglect their duties of fatherhood due to fear, I would love them to know that fatherhood is not a burden to carry around but a gift to strengthen and sharpen you for the future is unknown but still remains bright. Running away from their duties of fatherhood does not mean they are not dads, raise a son, embrace the name dad and let us cut the chain where men struggle in life because they lack father figures to emulate in their lives. No one is born a father to a child, we all learn from the parents who were there before us. Good fathers were not born good fathers they only become better because they learn how to be a better father daily. A father is the head of the house, so as they become authoritative many kids grow up fearing their father and that’s why many people relate to their mums than dads, but do not get me wrong this does not mean they hate their father’s. Fear and respect is not hate.

Research states that being a father means showing love and not expecting anything in return. Being a father means raising your children into respectable adults by teaching them and being actively involved in their lives. A father is a role model and a hero. He is a shoulder to cry on and someone to lift you up in your success. I completely agree with the research on the role a father plays.

I took up the initiative to have young people speak about the role their father’s have played in their lives and what they are grateful for. Below are 25 voices of youths on my contact list who had something to say about their father’s. “What are you grateful for, about your dad?”

  • My dad has simply provided me with an icon or a role model to look up to, from his hard work, ways of doing and dealing with family business and achievements, all this inspires me. I keep telling myself I want to achieve exactly what he has achieved, but in lesser years, like his 50 years be my 35 years.
  • I am grateful to my dad for always being positive about me, he is such a wonderful father, it is his words of wisdom that has kept me moving forward and I love the way he has always been treating my mum with love and respect.
  • I would buy my dad an expensive watch, like a Rolex watch; although it would be expensive, I would do it in a heartbeat. He has been my everything, emotionally, spiritually, I really mean everything. He is my pillar, my dad believes in me and supports my dreams, he sees greatness in me that I sometimes didn’t know it’s in me.
  • He taught me that I’m special and showered me with gifts since I was small, for that reason I’ve never been the type of girl to get swayed away by gifts and attention from guys. My dad made sure I know how special I am from the word go! I am grateful for that.
  • He sacrificed a lot to take my siblings and I to school, he denied himself pleasure to make us comfortable.
  • He is the only man who never gets tired of me despite my foolishness and plays a big role in my family.
  • African dads are the best in the fact that dads always come through when mums want to discipline their kids.
  • When I was young, he bought me fries and chicken. Whenever he had an exciting day, he would bring home with roasted meat.
  • I am grateful he educated me.
  • I am grateful to my dad for being the best dad ever.
  • My dad made the most of the little he had. He made sure we never lacked the basics.
  • I am grateful to my dad for educating me and being supportive up to the level I am in now.
  • I am grateful I have a dad like him, providing for us. Supporting me in my education, motivating me and paying my school fees. I am grateful for him loving my mum and loving us. I have a lot to be thankful for.
  • I am grateful to him for bringing me into this world, for giving me good guidance and education, for being the best dad I would ever ask for.
  • He is a patient man, I admire his temperament. I am grateful for this apart from the other normal stuff.
  • I am grateful for his presence and attention.
  • I am grateful for his love.
  • Wow tough and easy question at the same time, but I would say I am grateful for his love, support and sacrifices for me.
  • He is a mentor, provider and above all a role model.
  • I am grateful mostly for granting me the chance to be his son, even though I do not have any memories of my dad except the photos he left us with during my young age.
  • I am grateful to him for bringing me to earth.
  • I am grateful for so many things, most especially for him staying in a different country working so hard so that he is able to provide for all our needs.
  • He brought me into this world, brought me up, and always being there for our family.
  • I am grateful to my dad for the close relationship he has with his family. Always an all-round dad who is so much fun to be with.
  • I did not have a dad, I never got to know him. Thou my mum was there, she is my goddess.

In all the 25 voices and views, it shows that a father is a special person. The common thing they all have is, they acknowledge that a father has brought them into this world, they educated them, they loved them, they provided for them, and they are a big role model to them. In as much as we do not celebrate them or acknowledge their efforts aloud, deep down in everyone’s hearts we celebrate fatherhood. Not forgetting the women who have tirelessly taken up the role of a father, we too celebrate them.

Therefore, as I write this article I break the myth that black fathers are always absentees in their families. Today I celebrate black fatherhood, I celebrate my dad, and we all celebrate our dads.

By MaryMwas


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