Our View

By November 26, 2020 663 Comments

Our View

Hey, I know I act stupid sometimes,
So courageous and bold as if I know how all this stuff goes around,
Being a little bit serious is not good sometimes,
I just happened to learn that,

Or what if I smile all day and you guys say am crazy,
Or I laugh and at the back of your mind
you think of how bad I laugh when I thought,
I was getting better,

What if I try to do what is right?
But the idea of it being wrong to you,
Doesn’t make me feel it’s right,
I think am lost in a world of curiosity,
And dead in a valley of trials,
I feel like giving up,
But the idea of my soul being all that is left to offer,
I’d rather not look down upon them

You judged me wrong with the locks on my head,
But still you were there to tell me of how free I should let them be,
What if my mum thinks am not the best son?
Too much to ask than give,
I can’t even bring a loaf of bread to the table,
I don’t even like bread,
And still she wants me to be the breadwinner of my family,

Am just 21 but I think I have been in many relationships than the cock in my home,
Already on my face I have two side cheeks,
What about the other number should I tell them?
I lost my hope once and am shy to lose it again.

Author: -Fred the Poet