By December 7, 2020 6 Comments

What lips I’ve kissed
What lips my lips have kissed
Lip to lip and tongue to tongue
Those that I’ve hated unclamping from
Because of the heat I felt

Those lips have solaced me before
Deeper than anyone could do
Where and when, I don’t remember
Sometimes from night to morning
Grip lip to grip lip
What lips I’ve penetrated before

But tonight it’s ghostly
My therapist says those lips are not everything
And I’m torn between his counsel and my urge to follow the heat on those lips
That they’ve scarred my lips
Like thorns do to fleshy thorns
And the star in them stirred endlessly

I cannot say that those lips have come and gone
But I’ll let me go from them
Those lips
Cigarette Lips
Liquor bottled lips
Must I say we’ve come to the end of the kissing
Having been a frequent patron
Those lips
A little while in me they sing no more



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