Second Chance

By December 13, 2020 2,335 Comments

I thank God because last night was not my last night.

Another chance to correct my life’s wheel.

For every time I broke down,

There was a fake smile to cover my frown.

My tears masked by rain.

Alone with my pain.

And the night cover for my  cries.

A new turning in my thought.

To let go of my pride

This melody is eating me up

Making my life feel so plain 

Time to mend my broken pieces

Give it all away

Open myself

And risk it all.

Or should I stand idly?

Protecting my heart?

Keeping it caged and safe?

Where non can tear it apart,

The temptation is strong for me!

The desire so high

 Pressuring me

The question remains the same

Because the next night could be my last night


 Masiza Kisuza