Mirror Mirror On The Wall

By March 13, 2021 3,865 Comments

When you stare at your reflection, what do you see?

I see a creature learning to walk after years of crawling.

I see a girl becoming a woman

I see a human with a future…

I see me

By Jemima (Eunice) Gichuru


My name is (Eunice) Jemima Gichuru. I am currently a third-year film student at USIU, majoring in screenwriting. Outside of school, I am interested in various things, such as digital marketing, learning languages, and creating conceptual graphic design pieces. I also run a podcast on the side called @jemimaandfriends where I interview, In my opinion, the most interesting people on the planet 🙂

My social media links: instagram.com/jemimaandfriends

My Nationality: Kenyan