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Is a hoax, just a hoax?
When they give us what they stole from us.
With kindness and generosity.
Oh! A cycle of pockets.

Our eyes wide open.
Insane not we are.
But we still enter in their traps.
Oh! A cycle of pockets.

We then consume anything they bring.
While in toxic or non-toxic.
Good or bad as their sycophants.
Oh! A cycle of pockets.

We discover this too late.
For four recurring years.
We suffer oppression, exploit and death.
Oh! A cycle of pockets.

We console ourselves and conclude it’s nature.
That like rain comes after people die of drought.
Just like our leaders who come after we suffer.
Is a hoax, the cycle of pockets?




Manasseh Gatiki (aka twigah) Is a tall (why his friends call him twigah) Kenyan born man. He is a tour guide professionally and has been in the field for over five years. Other than giving tour guides, Manasseh writes poetry and scripts. You can reach Manasseh Gatiki on Fcaebook @Manesseh Gatiki or Facebook group @twigas en friends.

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