Love Makes You

By April 16, 2021 3,756 Comments

Love makes you part your lips
Makes you sway your hips
Love makes you sleep sound
It makes your cheeks more round
It makes you do a silly dance
Spins your world and puts you in a trance
Love makes you spread your wings
It makes you yearn to do new things
It makes you speak gibberish
Gets you inebriated, sweet liquorice
Love made the Rose grow from concrete
Leaves your soul full, making you complete
Love is sunshine on your skin
Love is your next of kin
Love is a warm fire on a cold night
Comforts you when you feel some fright
Love will hug you tight when you cry
It will cheer you on when you try
It will take you sky-high and ocean deep
Preserve you and let your sanity keep

By Eric Onyango






My name is Eric Ochieng also known as Poète Noir-French for Black Poet.I am a 37-year-old
Kenyan.I work at IPPF as a project officer.
I have been piecing words together since 2005. Poèmotions, my first anthology is a collection of
Poems that sum up the journey of emotions I have experienced in the last 10 plus years. It is a
wave of emotions, guaranteed to transport you to the deepest realms of the poetic mind.
I am an open book with lots if illustrations in poetic sequence, an extroverted pan-Africanist .I
speak French and love African Print.
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