Sweet! But It Begets Bitter

By May 29, 2021 4,994 Comments

Their roots seem sweet.
The concoction is honey-like.
But begets bitter bitter fruits.

Strong and healthy roots they are.
To support the whole plant.
As it nicely grows and flourishes.

Famers like this plant.
For they understand its production.
Plenty they take to the market.

These bitter fruits are attractive too.
Which magically we swallow in our systems.
Then we become restless and anxious.

Machetes and guns we remove.
Baying for any blood against us.
Good, evil, youth, old, we care less.

Not long that our rivers flow red.
Then the soil cries seeking ravage.
And our nation enters into war.

War we baptize as insecurity.
Caring less how we embraced these roots.
Sweet roots of propaganda that beget bitter.

By Manasseh Gatiki


Manasseh Gatiki (twigah) is a tour guide by profession. He indulges in poetry and scriptwriting. Connect with Manasseh on Facebook @Manasseh Gatiki or join his Facebook group @twigas en friends.