Love Divine

By October 10, 2021 379 Comments

In thy precious love my soul delights,

Like robins in the twilight,
Thy grace is high divine,

In thy character was I defined

Hold me with thy precious arms,

Hide mine soul from foe’s scorchy harms.

Guide me to where doest dwell

Fly mine soul afar from scary hell,

Lofty is thy marvelous love

That hope eternity I truly have,

How great is thy majesty,

That in my wretched soul I find

Lead me not to damnation loss,

But guard mine heart with thine pure laws,

Oh lord of all creation,

Mine weary soul rejoice in thy salv’on

In thy presence, all I find is holy

For thy grace makes me thine wholly.

In corrosive flames you pave a way;

That in my limited faith I cannot say,

Through life’s endless storms,

Thine gracious arm curves a dome,

Thou guad’st me in every trial,

And promise me the lofty zion.

By Kemoi Josphat

Kemoi Josphat is a student of English and Literature at Kenyatta University.
Like his facebook page BLACK Essence and follow him on twitter @joeblack


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