I am a Man

By November 19, 2022 59 Comments
I am a man

By Omondi Were  ( Afrikan Spinach)


I am a man made by God. He must have loved what He saw when He made me macho. To keep doctors away He threw an apple to my throat. When I pray to God, I smile at the ‘Amen’ part for there’s truth in the being of man.

I am a macho man made by God. Don’t you see, no? Oh! You just see the tears that I cry. I am weak in your eyes. Let me reconstruct your thinking. Just like water to concrete, tears from the eyes of a macho man are a curing process.

I am a honcho. A leader. A reader. A weeder. A breeder. A one-man army it seems but it isn’t so. I have a battalion of people who look up to me. I am a breadwinner yet sometimes the bread to be won. That’s why you see me crumble to the floor to pick crumbs.

I look into the mirror and see a man with a creased face. I rush into the fridge in search of foods rich in iron. For I, a man made by God should look sharp.



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