Beautiful Scars

By November 26, 2022 3 Comments
Beautiful Scars

By Rosabelle Muga ( Bellah the poet)


Mirror on the wall
Once again we here
Tears rolling disgustingly

Will I walk the streets yet again?
Will I have a snack at a cafe?
What will I wear today?

Will I post that beautiful picture by the lake?
Been so lost in you
Truly uncomfortable and doubtful

We rise and fall
But the fall has been so hard lately
Nowhere to get refuge  but in me
Cause this is us

No need to break down in tears
In the bathroom nor the blankets
Cause the perfect image of me
Hung on the wall

Can’t run more from myself
Light skin, dark skin
Slim or thick
Lame or blind
Scar on face
Cheap or sleek
Outright beauty within

Beautiful and cute scars
All I got to love
Can’t control world narrative
But would live my narrative
Loving me!




Rosabelle Muga alias Bellah the poet is a blossoming poet who is greatly inspired by her emotions within and without. She embodies the urgency and curiosity in the poetry world. She is welcoming every lover of poetry to join her in her journey. 


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