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A Glimpse of a Moment

By December 2, 2022 27 Comments
A glimpse of the moment

by Oyore wá Gamba


Aren’t we all passengers in this wagon
that passes across the plains under the rain
meandering through grasslands in the sun?

Aren’t we all just but a glimpse of a moment
that comes like a drop of rain on the earth
then eventually partakes in all that we live?

Aren’t we all supposed to cry and laugh
and make of all that passes by an emotion
for shortened is the reality of life’s length?

Aren’t we all just a bunch in the lot that’s left
from the wrath of death’s inevitable voyage
for its stinging eye to look back at and remember?

Aren’t we all living when we ought to be dead
and this life, probably a memento for lives after
that from it, we may take as much?


Oyore wa Gamba is a Kenyan poet, painter, playwright and editor. He writes for adult audiences and takes pleasure in a life of imagination and fantasy of the mind.  The majority of his poems are still in his journal.  He has shared very few of his poems with the public due to personal reasons.

To read more work by  Oyore wa Gamba visit  or  his Facebook page, . 





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