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“free world”

By January 24, 2023 293 Comments
"free world"

Who owns the world-
The pen or the sword?
Who runs the world-
The one who wields the sword,
Or the one who points with the chalk?

Dear “free world”
As long as I am found under trees
And shackled by the chains of gender
I am not free, and so are you.
As long as my books cannot be read
And my keys cannot be given
I am lost and so are you!
As long as a penny cannot have my thoughts
And the cripple cannot run to me
I am but forgotten, and so are you!

Dear “free world”
I come in many names-
Education, learning, teacher, and some call me
Keys to life.
I am these and more,
As long as you take me to the world
And the world over.
For I yearn that the world should learn
And not just be taught.



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