I am the river the Nile reverse 
Damn! All the dams
My flow can’t be stopped
Immune from fear I am
I dare cross the Kalahari 

I’m the shadow of Lwanda Magere
Here Batman is just but a man
I am the heir of Samson’s seat
Not in hair my strength is webbed
Spider-Man learns from me
It’s not just an interest in winning
In the field I mean business
My investment is in my mind
You stand in my way and
expect me not to be kind
Obstacles I sway behind

My sweat is a working Maji Maji rebellion
You touch me you slide 
My feet trod like the buffalo I am
My shoulders uproot like an elephant’s trunk 
Hands strong as David’s sling
I the true son of the soil
Their blood boils
On seeing me
In the Kenyan Jersey
OTIENO; the name at the back
 By Oyamo Richard


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