I have watered hope on dead moments,
I grew grass on rocky soil,
Love was a river on the mountain,
The flow was colder than I thought,
I have made marks to look artsy,

I doodled  and scribbled
to find the  path to a yes or a maybe,
I saw colours on black and white patches,
I saw my mind run crazy with thoughts of flowers
ignoring the Bee part of you

My feelings were as a flies lifespan,
The tenth day was a healing day,
My eyes could never hold the weight of the tears,
The glands were empty after an hour,

I never cried,
I just dehydrated through my eyes,
I needed to write this for you to find me in you,
Tears so heavy I needed to bear the weight of your heart in me.
My sad face is a result of the feeling I received,
The lack of response I got,
The irresponsibility I thought I would never experience,
I never knew having shades was a way to invite dark times,
Prevented light to my life,

Now I’m dancing to the beats of my heart breaking in bits,
Singing to the melodies of my sad cry,
Scripting in the dark hours of the day
for that is only part of life
that I have found existence without you.
Playing my percussion but
the only beat louder is that of my heart,

I hoped to be a flower and blossom in your light.
I hope to be accepted and say no to your request,
I hope no one feels this again,
I hope no one cries because they were never understood,
My tears made paths that I followed back to my roots.



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