In my hands, I have the entire universe,
And the fate of humans 
 applied as henna on my palm,

I have mastered the art of hissing,
Oops, sorry I meant kissing,
And listened to the voices
of snakes make conversation
 of how they shall one day
control the  human generation,
They did it with Eve and now you are next.

The only person that has kept me awake 
the entire night to wait for the morning sun 
so I may text you  “Good morning sunshine”,

The only rose whose
petal got fingers to hold me 
tightly from having
another bit of the worlds apple,

I have heard stories about it,
I have seen clips on how sweet it  tastes,
The small pleasures and joys of the world,
Who really wants to keep a doctor away
 if they can treat you better?

On my hand, I hold a fortune,
 mankind shared his 
knowledge and termed it as  sin,
Yes, too many  books are poisonous,

To my eyes,
I want to see more than what meets my eyes,
I want to see your name curve
 to the vibration of my voice when I call you,
What I am about to do with you is not a sin,
I have no definite term for it,
What I am about to do with you is timeless,
The universe shall collapse and leave it standing,

Time is afraid of it coz
 its inverse is a deadly energy between us,
A force that no man can stop.
I want to have a bite of you again,
The same spot,
In the same place,
It might be painful,
But we can still live with it.


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