Through out the year Rafinki has both major and minor events. We have three major events happening in the months of February, August and December.

Major events

February– During the month of love, we decided to show our audience some love as well, with a Show called One Love

August– August is the month, we will keep you speculating. Our show will explore and experiment with various themes yearly that will keep you guessing and at your feet.

December– we like to end the year with a big bang! And we are doing this through the Rafinki Festival!! A festival filled with fun, games, open mics and poetry!


Minor events

Minor events which will take place monthly/ bimonthly include:

Hangouts, which aim at building the bond between each member of the group.

Workshops we plan on having workshops where we will discuss as well as learn more about the various aspects of the literary field.


Art for Charity

Art for Charity is also one of the minor events we will be having. It’s an initiative that uses art as a tool to help the needy in the society as well as offer a platform to young upcoming artists. This is done through involvement of artists who agree to share their art with the paying public. All funds raised are then directed to those in need in the society.
The initiative was started by Helna Muigai and Tyson Okello, both are members of Rafinki.
Through involvement of various like minded artists and lovers of art, led to its growth and popularity. There have been three successful events and charity visits. Our aim continues to be touching lives through art.

Aisha's Book Launch

Dreams Za Tomorrow Album Launch

Lexas Mshairi (Nzolo Muthama) at his album launch

Rafinki Open Mic